The Townies.

Arriving in Huaraz last night just after sunset, Martin and I ran down the sidewalks (dodging the cascading waterfalls from the roof drainage spouts) and through the gutters (puddle jumping as we quick stepped). A wet welcome back to big city life!

Our first stop, no, not the hostel. But of course a panaderia with the most delicious chocolate cake in town. Sopping, we munched!

After a few stops and hugs and hellos, we called it a night and stayed at the hostel where Martin used to work (he lived and worked in Huaraz for 8 months this past year).

Up bright and early this morning to fresh juicy fruit. Ensalada de fruta…mandarins, mango, bananas. Lime.

A mellow morning led to a stacked afternoon. We connected with some of Martin’s friends, Lola (de Argentina) and Ale (de Italia) and embarked on a journey up the hill to the Huanchuc boulders (Gary’s stomping ground).

Apparently some of the other climbers in town had the same idea for Thursday afternoon. Chuki, Rodrigo, and Andre walked up and we shared a few hours of climbing, swatting the ankle biting mosquitoes, and you guessed it….multiple HACKY SACK sessions! Back at it!! Hacky sacking around the world!

Martin’s hair cut = EPIC.

When our ankles got too itchy and our stomachs started to rumble, we strolled back down into town. Huaraz afternoon.

French pizza and cerveza for dinner. At 8:30pm or 9pm! Late, no!?

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