Hitch-Hiking-Out (Day 4)

Good morning this fine fine morning to you, you lovely rock forest, Hatun Machay.


Last night was relaxed and chill, as the refugio was occupied only by 6 of us. Chevy and Salvador, Anna and Virginie, and Martin and me. This morning Martin handed over the refugio duties to Virginie and he and I headed out climbing. With a few routes under our belts, we meandered back to the refugio to munch lunch and pack our bags.

Ciao ciao to Virginie and Anna! Packs on backs and waistbelts tight, a lemon suck ’em candy and walking into the fog abyss.

We arrived at the fog fort (where Luciano and I hunkered down a few days back) and crested the hill. The fog dispersed, the Huayhuash range appeared, and we stepped carefully through cactus mounds on our way down to the main highway.

Short cutting the road was a good idea…until we both stepped onto unsuspecting wet grass patches and soaked our tennis shoes. When we arrived at the highway at the bottom of the hills we put on our game faces and crossed the road to face the North bound traffic. As hitch hiking goes (or haciendo un dedo), we received some waves and honks…maybe because of our awesomely colored rainjackets (bright orange and bright blue!)

Within a half an hour, we were driving along the winding highway back to Catac, safe from the rain in Arturo’s truck.

Never straight, always forward

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