Street Grub

Muchas gracias Martin for showing me the ways of the Huaraz local!

Bomba de Manzana (Apple Bomb) outside:

Bomba de Manzana (Apple Bomb) inside:

Um, YUM.

Que mas?
-Hot quinoa drink (for the morning time)
-Freshly squeezed lemonade (for the day time)
-Hot lemon, honey, and other yummy stuff drink (for the night time)
-Helado (ice cream) of every flavor. My favorites being maracuya and mani (peanut)
-Churro (with dulce de leche inside)
-Sublime (chocolate bar with peanuts…in comparison to a Snickers, pretty yummy!)
-Lemon Pie
-Chocolate cake with dulce de leche and strawberries
-Caramel cup
-Dried plantains
-Cevichoco (ceviche and yucca and sweet onions and a whole bunch of corn!)


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1 Response to Street Grub

  1. Blake Boles says:

    I love food posts so much. Mas fotos!!

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