10 Days in TdP: Day 6

Day 6: Campamento Torres to Campamento Seron

Woke up thinking,

Well this will be a long day. 

And it turned out to be the hardest, solely for one hour smack dab in the middle. 

After hiking down from Campamento Torres to the bottom right corner of the park, where the big fancy shmancy hotel is located, the sign-age to get to the backside of the range (where I was going) was absolutely terrible.  It didn´t help that it was raining.  I asked in every building which direction to walk, and I just kept getting a finger point accompanied with:

“Out the door and that way.”

I followed this guy for a while.  COOLEST PACK EVER.  Although mine is pretty sexy, and light as. 

Then it struck.  The moment of,


I walked into a heated building, with hella hikers sitting down at comfortable tables eating hot, delicious smelling food, with an open bar and cold beer and hot chocolate to my left.  Apparently I had walked into the bus-waiting area, for people who had just finished hiking and were heading back into town.  After asking the bartender where the trail was, she told me, then gave me the “You are absolutely crazy, this is where it´s at” look.  Back out into the rain, back into the cold, and stoked for my first South American beer that I will indulge in, post-trip. 

On the bright side, now I´m on the backside, and no one is out here.  The trail is tranquil and mellow and perfect.  And the weather cleared up for the afternoon!

Saw a ton of wildlife today including this big bird and his brother in a thicket (Jared, Michelle, what bird is this?  I think it´s related to the family of aviators I encountered in Bariloche).

When I broke out into open rolling meadows, I had a pang of good love from home and warm thoughts of my Aunt Ginny and Uncle Mark´s ranch in Santa Rosa.  Even more so when I walked through a grazing group of more than 20 horses. 

Stood, stared, laughed, and imitated this red mohawked woodpecker for ten minutes or so.  I got a kick out of it, I´m not sure he and his two partners in crime did.  …Also, glad no one else was there to witness the ridiculousness. 

Just before dusk I arrived at Seron Camp.  To camp there you have to pay.  (LAME).  Luckily, it had closed for the season three days ago, therefore, FREE para mi!

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1 Response to 10 Days in TdP: Day 6

  1. binny says:

    i’m loving all the pictures!!! Especially the one of the mohawked-pecker.

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