10 Days in TdP: Day 7

Day 7: Campamento Seron to Campamento Los Perros

Woke up to a pleasant morning sunrise just edging over the mountaintops of the range across the river valley in the East. 

Another long day with miles to get after and get walking.  After a pleasant conversation with an older couple from the Falkland Islands with whom I had been leap frogging on the trail, I said


…and was off. 

On the far end of this lake as I was quickstepping and carefully choosing foot placements, I stepped on a seemingly stable board, that was not seemingly stable, slipped, and had two submerged mud feet.  AWESOME!  What a great idea I had this morning when I put on so fresh and so clean socks.  Laughed out loud and continued hiking. 

Ate lunch at 2pm at Campamento Dixon, a beautiful isolated camp surrounded by mountain wonder and river water.  Pack back on and oogling over the wild variety of fungi in a little forest just past the camp (in an area of maybe 100 yards I passed at least 12 different types of mushrooms).  Cool!

With the trail weaving alongside the river from the glaciers ahead, I had plenty of quiet, cool, forest thought time. 

Out of the forest and across some sketchy bridges over a white water rapid filled river and…Wha-BAM!  Los Perros Glacier!

Again, had the trail completely to myself all day.  This is what I´m talking about.  At camp, rain started to pour cats and dogs all over the place…good thing I have a strong tent.  Hung out with the Guardaparques, the dudes in charge of the camp, and had a swig of Red Label whiskey with Los Perros Glacier ice!  Consider it pre-gaming for the pass tomorrow.

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