Lima, Lima, Lima.

I spent the day with Patsy, Karyme’s mother. We chatted for a while and then headed a few blocks to the market. We don’t have markets like these in the states, but I think they are genius Everything you could possibly need, all in a bunch, together. In the states I have to drive. Let me walk! We bought some meat and chatted with a few folks and then headed back home.

Patsy cooked up some mashed potatoes (there are over 100 varieties of potatoes in Peru) and then cooked the meat with onions and garlic and tomatoes over the top. She and I walked a few blocks down the road to meet Karyme as she finished classes for the day. She’s fourteen and essentially in high school (the system is a little different here). Once we lunched at home with Karyme, Karyme and I headed back to the market to find a notebook for class. Success!

I packed, laughed more with Fanny, chatted with Raul, and then Mario and I headed to the bus terminal on another bus. Bouncy!! Potholes ain’t no thang aqui.

My bus leaves at 10:30pm. Wahooo! Time for a selfie before I hop on the bus north to Huaraz! Gracias para todo Mario! Nos vemos!


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  1. Blake Boles says:

    Loving this photo.

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