A Day in the Life

I spent nearly the whole day in the house, with Mario’s family. (I factored in “oh sh%$” time, so that I could adjust to being here and speaking spanish on the daily)…

Mario had left for work early and would be home later. So, Raul and I ate a delicious lunch upstairs of orange and lemony chicken and beans and rice and sweet onions. Um, Yum. He and I shared a hilarious conversation with Mario’s grandmother, Fanny. She’s a kick in the pants. What a lady. I’m pretty sure our laughter echoed all the way down the street. After Fanny relayed her life story and her love for music Raul explained the difference between a few vocabulary words…how they are different between Peru, Chile, Argentina, etc. It’s definitely a good thing to know the local lingo…sentences can be easily miscontrued.

Ah, the little things.

Later, Mario’s other brother showed me photos of Huaraz and the Cordillera Blanca. He had visited once and so h shared his memories and favorite places with me…while putting up with all of my questions.

Level of stoke….remaining high!

At about 9pm, Marilou, (Mario’s mother), Raul, and I caught a taxi to the center of Lima, which is about 15 minutes away from the house. Mario met us there after work. Raul explained to me how this was the happening place in the 1960s and 1970s but has since become much less popular and the rich population now inhabits Miraflores, across town. The architecture was in short, AWESOME. It was sprinkling rain, but we waved to the President’s mansion anyway and continued our stroll.

With Mario’s mother, MariLou in the old center of Lima. Thanks for taking the photo, Mario!

Once home, Mario and I watched this hilarious video of Peruvians visiting Peru, Nebraska. It’s quite funny!! Check it out: Peru Visits Nebraska Take 15 minutes, watch this, and learn all about Peruvian culture.

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