10 Days in TdP: Day 10

Day 10: Somewhere on the Administracion Peninsula to Administracion

Windy night last night, but what a gorgeous view to wake up and inhale:

The photo doesn´t do the view justice, but try to imagine

And then, as soon as I was 10 minutes down the trail, and 45 minutes late (I wanted to leave at 9a, but left at 945a), the torrential rain started.  All my rain gear on, but 15 minutes later, soaked through, nonetheless.  Basically, I was running down the trail, I estimated that my camp was about two and a half hours from Administracion, and to the best of my memory, the bus arrives and then leaves at 12 noon.  So because I was late on the go, I was booking.  Daunting thoughts of

Well, if I miss the bus I can just work something out with the park rangers, I could hitch hike, I could camp another night and eat my emergency mashed potatoes…

So, soaking wet, hot stepping down the trail, singing Joni Mitchell´s “You Turn Me On, I´m A Radio” and the 234 Apartment song “Kaleidascope” at the top of my lungs, no wonder the birds looked at me funny. 

I had camped about 14 kilometers from Administracion, I arrived at 11:45a, out of breath, to learn that the bus doesn´t arrive until 1pm.  SWEEEEEEEET.

Spread out on the heaters in the little park museum.  Bus back to town.  Wet.  Hot shower.  Laundry. Fresh salad, hot pizza with mushrooms and olives, and a local Pale Ale for dinner = Happy Camper.  Sweet dreams, comfortable mattress, and fluffy down comforter. 

That´s my longest backpacking trip to date, Rock on.

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