10 Days in TdP: Day 9

Day 9: Campamento Las Guardas to Somewhere on the Adminstration Peninsula 45 minutes short of Campamento Carreteras)

Shared wonderful and enlightening conversation with Suzana and Francis over breakfast and learned a lot about herbs, travel, backcountry cooking and Eastern European history and language. 

Packed up gear and headed down trail.  This is their third time in South America and this time they are here traveling (mainly backpacking and camping) for seven weeks all throughout Patagonia.    Along the trail, they taught me about some of the local edible plants and scientific as well as local names for the flowers.

Passed over the last ridge and the Glacier dropped out of sight. 

At the Refugio Pehoe, we shared lunch together and then split.  They were now going to tackle the frontside, the “W”, and I was headed out of the park tomorrow. 

Now, to find a place to camp.  Found a sweet meadow hidden a ways up from the trail.  Best last dinner, ever

Unnngghhhhh Yeaaaa!

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