The Easter Bunny

Surprise from the Easter Bunny on my pillow!


Quality walk with Lobo and Gary this morning. Lobo, the dog, is a good dog. He gets excited to see you when you come home, but all in all he’s pretty chill. He ignores other dogs, pigs, and cows. Every walk is pretty mellow.

He walks his own way, often far ahead, for he has 30meters of climbing rope as his leash. But every once in a while we walkers encounter a Quechua lady herding or grazing sheep…

Sheep. Lobo’s vice. Watch out sheep! Grab the leash Gary!

Maybe it’s because they are fluffy and look like huge mouthfuls of cotton candy. Maybe its because they dance a little bit when Lobo approaches them. It’s hard to say for sure.

What I can say for sure,

The sheep survived another day.

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