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Street Strollin’

Sunrise isn’t really a thing here.  The cloudbanked morning sky simply becomes quite must squint my eyes or don my shades bright. We walked a few miles east on San Juan towards downtown this morning, joining a free history walking … Continue reading

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funKy featheRs

The bird saga continues. Julie. You’re in Colombia. Why are you spending time each day watching birds? Not only do I simply like birds, I think their plumage and coloring is absolutely fascinating and their quirky behavior and distinct calls … Continue reading

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Estoy Llena, Todavia.

I’m still full. Dinner last night was the real deal. A 1 minute stroll around the corner from our apartment exists one of many sidewalk restaurants here in the Estadio neighborhood. Carrera Setenta [Street 70] is one block away and … Continue reading

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Not the first, not the last, get stoked for this birdBLAST! From the last two days, here is a photo scroll of the birds I caught on camera. I heard and saw many that I didn’t catch on camera…as it … Continue reading

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Cumbres and Crowds

It’s been decided. Strolling the two miles to Cerro Volador will be a daily practice. The birds = so good. The juice stands along the way = so good. The extraordinary caliber of people watching opportunities = so good. Stepping … Continue reading

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Cappuccino Quest

Only four so far. Only four so far! I’ve been aqui in Medellín since Thursday afternoon…three and a half days and only 4 cappuccinos tasted. I simply must up the ante. Why? You might inquire, is my goal to taste … Continue reading

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Colores y Colibris

Walk and stroll…commence! Before I left the apartment, I jotted a quick note for Blago.  Poor fella, still asleep on the couch. ——Off to Parque Natural Regional Metropolitano Cerro El Volador. 12:00. Then, Cafe Ondas? Have phone. Text if you … Continue reading

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It’s always five o’clock somewhere. That must be true for springtime too!? It’s always springtime in Medellín, Colombia. Aptly named The City of Eternal Spring. So here I am, escaping the January cold, sog, slog, and dark days of the … Continue reading

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Acres of Clams

Seven months ago I was tromping through the quebradas of the Cordillera Blanca. Hasta luego, Huaraz! This post is a whirlwind recap of the past seven months. Many adventures with many a fine folk… all West of the Mississippi. Read … Continue reading

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Little Philip’s 7th birthday AND Vicky’s 26th birthday! Feliz Cumpleaños amigos!

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