Finca fairywonderfunkyland.


Upon arrival in the vast darkness we found time for a game of Exquisite Knucks [Knuck Tats] and listened to what I think was a barn owl. A mellow morning with Nutella waffles and Blake’s famous mangled eggs, coupled with a visit from the resident peacock… started the day off right. 


We had quite a discussion about the name “Peacock” versus “Pavo Real” and decided we liked “Pavo Real” a lot more for such a beautiful bird.

The afternoon stayed tranquilo with the two puppy dogs by our sides and we spent hours reading, bird watching, and swimming in the pool. We danced tango and fusion outside on the deck and inhaled the pure view of the Colombian countryside! Salud!


Clearly, Blake didn’t like being at the finca at all. He was so ready to get back to the hustle and bustle of Medellín.


Super gratitude to Marcela for sharing such a magical place with us.


It only took us two hours to return to Medellín. Upon chauabungas and hasta luegos with Marcela, we showered, unpacked, and headed out the door to meet some friends for dinner at the oh so delicious Mediterranean restaurant a few blocks down Setenta.

Our dream to manifest a dance party on Friday night happened in full force. The ingredients for success included:

  1. three Californians, a Colombian, and an Aussie
  2. an old, second floor, tiny salsa nightclub turned apartment [thanks Aussie!]…complete with dance floor, raised stage, and HUGE speakers
  3. shared DJ duty spinning everything from salsa to fusion, and a few things in between
  4. a hammock hanging from the ceiling beams, in which we could swing between songs
  5. incredibly high, mutual level of stoke for dancing

High fives and hell yeas all around. 


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