Pesos & Parrots

To put it bluntly, the current currency exchange rate is DEFINITELY in our favor.

1 USD = 2.918,00 Colombian Pesos. [notice how the period and comma are switched…that’s a real thing.]

So it’s 1:3. [notice also how it’s thousands of pesos…just take off a few zeros and it’s easy to convert.]

It’s pretty normal to walk around with 50 thousand pesos in my pocket.

Hence, I eat lots of little bites throughout the day. Sometimes meals. Food is interspersed with work [future program scheming and logistic-ing for the Gap Year spring] and exploring [strolling, birding, adventuring with locals and foreigners alike]. Eating out 3 meals a day, like three nutritious and satisfying meals, can cost between $10-$12.

Most recent food and cappuccino photo montage.

Cafe Revolución cappuccino. On point. 4.500,00 pesos. [$1.50]


Blake’s panini [$2.00] at Cafe Algarabia and another Julie cappuccino [$1.30]. Yum.


Breakfast arepa with eggs. [$1.30] Oh south American cheese, how i have not missed you.

Notice the BOWL of hot chocolate included with the meal.

Here’s your plate with your eggs and arepa and here’s your BOWL of hot chocolate. Be careful, it’s hot!


I’ve had a few now. I didn’t even realize it the first time because it didn’t taste anything like coffee. Tinto. All the rage. All the sugar. [$.30]


Highlight [neon light?] of the afternoon:

Orange Chinned Parakeet!

These parakeets use our street as a flyway highway to a favorite perch in a massive set of palm trees around the block. Talk about quite a racket, these parakeets make themselves known to ALL of the neighbors.

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