Estoy Llena, Todavia.

I’m still full.

Dinner last night was the real deal.

A 1 minute stroll around the corner from our apartment exists one of many sidewalk restaurants here in the Estadio neighborhood. Carrera Setenta [Street 70] is one block away and it boasts cafes, restaurants, and bars of all styles. I was hungry so I ordered the Bandeja Paísa, a meal I had scoped on many menus. It is the typical Colombian platter of Antioquia [this region of Colombia].


Dinner for days! Red beans, white rice, ground beef, chicharrón [fried pork belly / pork rinds], fried egg, plantain, chorizo, arepa, and avocado with lemon. Can we say, BOCA HOLE!?

Washed down the riquisimo meal with a coca cola and made way towards Setenta to walk it off. Stepped off a curb and started to cross the street, but stopped abruptly in our tracks.


A dude. Driving his truck. In reverse. Turning around the corner. IN REVERSE! Well, he almost hit us…we were standing on the sidewalk at this point. He almost hit us, two people standing on the sidewalk, while he was reversing around a corner.

Best part: When he noticed us standing there smiling, he hollered with a thick paísa accent from his window,


Ah, a day in the life.

A post stroll quick stop at the corner grocery store to purchase cookies led to another laugh. We had just finished checking out with our Chokis and there were still people in the check out line behind us.


We were walking towards the EXIT door through which we had entered 10 minutes prior, when we heard an announcement on the loud speaker about the store closing. We got over to the exit door just as the security guard had finished rolling down the metal door. He shook his head and gestured to the other door, on the other side of the store. As we walked to that door, the lights started flicking off. There were still people in the check out line. Half of the overhead lights in the store were off. When they say the store is closing, it’s closing. No messing around here. We made it to the other EXIT door and the security guard there was holding the metal rolldown door up for us to exit.

“Have a good noche.” -Security Guard

We turn the corner onto Setenta.

“Did he seriously just say, ‘Have a good noche.’?!?!” -Julie
“I didn’t even catch that. It must be late.” -Blake

Funky fruits of the day:

Tomate de Arbol or Tamarillo

Tastes like a sweet tomato, with a sour skin, and a few seeds that have tooth cracking potential. Over a salad these would be delicious, but I’ll stick to cherry tomatoes for my pop in the mouth nonstop like candy treats.

Maracuya [Passionfruit]

Similar texture to the gooey granadilla. I love maracuya in juices & smoothies. By itself however, it’s too sour [like Oh Wow! Zing!] for my palate.

No photo yet of the Guayaba [guava]. Munched on a pastel de guayaba earlier today and it was absolutely the yummiest. I’ll be eating these as pastries again, and I’d like to just try one by itself!

…still full.

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2 Responses to Estoy Llena, Todavia.

  1. Bob says:

    Julesdude, I’m so completely enamored with and inspired by these posts! Get me outta Disneyland already!! Love you miss you! High five everyone for me!!

  2. Binny says:

    Juile! Your #4 goal is to find a fresh guayaba and eat it. You will thank me later. Carry on, and more bird pics please. I hate you.

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