Not the first, not the last, get stoked for this birdBLAST!

From the last two days, here is a photo scroll of the birds I caught on camera. I heard and saw many that I didn’t catch on camera…as it goes!

Bare-faced Ibis


Saffron Finch  maybe the Orange-fronted Yellow Finch? [I see this featherball pretty frequently, I’ll watch more closely!]


Yellow Headed Caracara


Blue Grey Tanager


Rose Breasted Grosbeak




Rufous-tailed Hummingbird [click on each photo to see the full size!]

Yellow-Throated Vireo?

Highlights of this birding extravaganza include:

  • Crossing the street with a middle school soccer team. A swarm of 25 neon orange uniforms. I felt very safe. Hours later they walked into the restaurant where we were eating dinner; we were oh so glad that 1. we both work with kids, and 2. we had nearly finished our meal.
  • Drinking Lulo juice from a bucket on the sidewalk. Dude blends the juice, pours it into a pastel colored, liter sized plastic bucket with a handle, sticks a straw in it, and everyone sits on the curb and drinks it. [notice the two empty blue buckets in the hands of the people sitting in front of me!]lulo-bucket
  • A 45 minute long conversation with a canine policeman. After the basics of asking me where I come from, why I like watching birds, and telling me about his job, he asked me to explain where California was located in the United States and what it is like and where San Francisco is. It was shocking and refreshing to notice that this guy, Orelio, had no idea about San Francisco or California. He shared stories about growing up in Medellín and said that the last 10 years have been getting better and better in the city and finally, 10 years ago, when he decided to become a cop, it was finally an acceptable choice [not a death wish]. We talked about birds, farms, Pablo Escobar, and mountain biking. We both laughed at one point in the conversation when he asked me something about dancing, and I had no idea what he was talking about, and it was obvious, and I said so; so when he tried again, and I still had no idea what he was talking about, we both laughed, and moved on to something else.
  • Fruit smoothie revelation. Maracuya, Piña, Granadilla. maracuya-pina-granadilla


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