Cappuccino Quest

Only four so far.

Only four so far!

I’ve been aqui in Medellín since Thursday afternoon…three and a half days and only 4 cappuccinos tasted. I simply must up the ante.


Why? You might inquire, is my goal to taste as many different cappuccinos as possible here in Medellin?

The answer is two-fold. First, I simply have three goals (in no particular order):

  1. Listen to, spot, photograph, and observe as many birds as possible. Identify them.
  2. Eat as many tropical fruits as I can get my hands on and that my body can handle. If they come in licuado form (smoothies) or juice form, drinking them is acceptable too.
  3. Taste as many different cappuccinos as possible.


The second part of the answer is that Colombia is coffee. Until really recently, all of the good stuff was exported.  According to pie charts on Michigan State’s global business website, in 2015, 7.25% of the total materials exported from Colombia was coffee, tea, and spices.  That 7.25% chunk of exported deliciousness racked up a $2,585,926,436 profit. Locals don’t often drink cappuccinos, or cups of coffee for that matter.  The local choice is this tiny beverage called a tinto, always served in a shot glass sized plastic cup. It is a beverage made from the grounds of coffee unsuitable for export; they are processed, frozen, and resold as instant coffee.

…if Colombia is content with using the non-exportable beans to make a syrupy, coffee-like concoction, then let them drink their Tinto in peace…

I’ll share my thoughts after I taste it!  Until then, I want the real deal; therefore, the cappuccino quest continues. I’ve crafted quite a scheme to justify drinking coffee / caffeine for 3 weeks. And Blake is here, the amigo who introduced me to all the nifty coffee drinks by starting me on a Cafe Con Leche journey in Argentina in 2011.

Cappuccino Couch Comic:

Girl. Interrupted. Pato, obviously had A Great Notion that this paperback would make a prime nap spot. You’ll just have to wait for tomorrow Ken Kesey.

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2 Responses to Cappuccino Quest

  1. Kleber says:

    JULES! Excited to follow along on your Columbian journey. I completely approve of these goals, especially the birds! Loved your ID and link to the bird calls. Pete and I listened to a bunch of them last night.

  2. Anne Schaefer-Salinas says:

    So excited to follow your Columbian adventure! I have missed your travel escapades and look forward your updates.

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