It’s always five o’clock somewhere.

That must be true for springtime too!?

It’s always springtime in Medellín, Colombia. Aptly named The City of Eternal Spring. So here I am, escaping the January cold, sog, slog, and dark days of the Northern Hemisphere.

I arrived a day before my amigo Blake, who I often refer to as “Blago” –> B + Lake (Lago in spanish) = Blago! We’re here for three weeks. Not so long, I suppose. But long enough to wear flip flops nonstop and acquire freckles on my winter white skin!

I love speaking Spanish. That’s the main reason I’m here. Not to mention, a month here is WAY cheaper than a month in many other places, so I mustn’t argue with a cheap flight and an affordable Air BnB in which to stay.

Expect photos of FRUIT. FOOD. BIRDS. CAPPUCCINOS. VISTAS. Expect stories and hilarious / confusing / bizarre quotations.

Dinner. Night one. Papaya & Granadilla.

dinner night one

Granadilla is delicious if you can get past the texture. It’s a hard shell, packed inside with slimy, shimmery, eye-ball looking deliciousness…with crunchy black seeds! It’s a slurping sort of fruit.

din night 1

Notice the finger-like white inside of the shell…to hold the slime, I mean deliciousness, in place!

—> Sharing with you because we have internet and it works, even here! [SUCH an upgrade / expansion of internet and wi-fi access and reliability since when I was last on this continent!] <—

Enter Julie.
Exit airport.
Enter taxi.

Raining upon arrival and…

A hold onto your horses and anything else you can grab that’s in sight because oh my god we are in a NASCAR race and there are NO seat belts in this taxi AND we’re descending a STEEP, WINDY, 4 lane road, it’s WET, AND we keep merging into oncoming traffic?!


Made it. Alive. Exhale.

Welcome back to South America, Julie.

Up that blood pressure right away!

Thrilled when I saw my first new bird, the Ruddy Dove:

Ruddy Dove

After a little stroll, and the red eye flight, and the time zone change, I’m looking forward to a good night of sleep! Good thing I can sleep through ANYTHING…the apartment is not, shall we say, Sound Proof! More on that later…

[this post has been back dated…had to add it into the mix before I’m here for too long. All other posts will happen chronologically!]

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2 Responses to C O L O M B I A

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  2. Gary Sorensen says:


    Yes, welcome back to South America. Keep the post coming.


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