Acres of Clams

Seven months ago I was tromping through the quebradas of the Cordillera Blanca.


Hasta luego, Huaraz!

This post is a whirlwind recap of the past seven months. Many adventures with many a fine folk… all West of the Mississippi. Read the Short Story Short if you have 30 seconds. Read the Long Story Long if you have 5 minutes…or want to quickly scroll through a reel of AWESOME photos.

Short Story Short:
the Sierra Nevada
that eden they call Puget Sound
the Sierra Nevada
Santa Cruz

Long Story Long:

One back stateside, at the end of April, I caught a $5 bus (yes! Megabus!) from the city of angels north to San Jose. Made way to wine country to house sit and dog sit for a few weeks: Debrief commence!

Debrief = long walks, playing catch, and petting these lovely pups!


Caught the Amtrak out to Western Colorado. An interesting experience for sure — the stories from the train ride could stack a novel by themselves. Sunrise: Salt Lake City!


Roughly two days later Blake and Dev met me and we cruised the Western Slope to Paonia, to Dev’s off the grid, handmade home.


Blake and I continued his cross country journey through the Southwest in his Bro-Runner, as he was making the long haul from Asheville, North Carolina back to the Best Coast, the West Coast, the Golden State, California. Staple soundtrack: Girl Talk – All Day.



Our homegirl Elana took us canyoneering in Zion (she’s a rad guide there) and we crashed her place for a few days. What a lame view from her front door:


Met Noa back in the Bay and hopped in her sweet sweet ride. Northward bound! Kermit mission to Pullman, Washington! Noa built Kermit in high school. I met Kermit in college. With the windows down and foot vents propped open (Kermit’s too cool for AC!), we yelled at each other (think freeway. open windows. loud) and shared stories and laughter while playing front seat guitar…cruising along at 60mph.


Arriving late in the evening in Pullman, I had a simple goal: luck out on Craigslist and score a sweet, cheap rideshare back to California. I had two days to get to California…as I had scheduled a business meeting with an old boss of mine.

I then experienced serendipity. A ride, driving directly to the Bay Area, leaving in the middle of the afternoon, tomorrow, from Portland (essentially my exact specifications…)

Wait a second, what’s that? Call Brennan!? at 650-$%&-#@^*
…BRENNAN!? One of my close college friends! No WAY!

I immediately called up B and told him to save me a seat. I’d figure out a ride to Portland as the sun came up.

Woke up before the sun, high fived Noa, and was on my way to Portland with some dude in some silly car. Once in Portland, I rendezvoused with Brennan who was visiting a Bottle Brick Bench at Portland State University that he had constructed the year prior.


After the business meeting I connected with my homie Shona and we backpacked to the top of El Capitan. The wildflowers were incredible. The sunset was epic as well. So began the month of Julie in Yosemite.


To the Ten Lakes Basin with UC Davis Outdoor Adventures! An epic 5 day backpacking trip to the high country!


Wildflower extraordinaire! White heather:


Bog laurel:


Mountain heather:


Back to Yosemite high country for a week as a volunteer mentor for Big City Mountaineers!


Deer Crossing Camp, Loon Lake, El Dorado National Forest!


Hannah, my childhood camp friend, and I led the ascent trip. Thunderstorm in the Rubicon Basin, looking east from the Crystal Range, Desolation Wilderness.


To Adventuress in that eden they call Puget Sound! Back to life aboard the Good Ship for the second sailing season. So much gratitude to Dan Dan and the Captains and the entire Sound Experience community. Stepping into the role of Program Coordinator for the second time, during my third sailing season aboard Adventuress was invigorating and humbling and full of growth.

Tops’ls. Flying at 11 knots into Elliott Bay, Seattle.

Dancing with schooner Martha. Captain Daniel at the helm.

Lion’s Mane Jelly!

Roche Harbor, San Juan Island. Early morning fog.

Another day at the office…


Sunset atop Eagle Cliff, Cypress Island.

Getting underway. Captain Joshua at the helm.

Full moonrise from Port Townsend.

Back to California.

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One Response to Acres of Clams

  1. Sarah {the Vagabondist} says:

    Woo hoo! What a charmed life. And lovely photos! You go girl.

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