Tuesday Meander Through Marian

The legs are still tired from the Ishinca epic. Day 1, Day 2, Day 3.

However, walking is good for sore legs. Let’s call the hike today a stretch.

Gary, Lobo, and I went on an early afternoon stroll. It ended a little too late in the early afternoon and on our way down from Marian, the skies broke and we were instantaneously soaked. Faster than you can say “instantaneously”.

Photos from the way up:




Photo Note for you Peru-sers:

You probably haven’t seen photos on here of the local people or of much of the infrastructure. Those images are ingrained in my mind and I’d love to talk to you all about them. However, I don’t feel right taking close up photos of people here, or really even about taking photos of all of the sad or different things that remain daily life here. That’s just not my photo style.

Therefore, thanks for being stoked on mountain photos, climbing photos, and photos of friends (many of whom are local and know this life as their own).

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