Take Me to the River (Day 3)

A group of wiley Americans and an Israeli stumbled into camp late last night. They made a fire with the Peruvian climbers and I found them this morning sitting on buckets, sharing a massive pot of communal oatmeal. Cheerio friends!


The morning was foggy and rainy and I felt for the Peruvian trio climbing Urus…definitely not choice weather.

I packed up and was ready to roll by 8:30am because I had a goal. Simple really:

I wanted to catch the combi in Huillac that heads down to Huaraz at 1pm or 2pm in the afternoon (on my hike in, I received a few different responses regarding the departure time). I was sure there would be a combi there because the professor, at the school in Huillac, reassured me, multiple times (when I questioned him multiple times) that there would be a combi, going to Huaraz, leaving between 1pm and 2pm.

…recalling the conversation from 2 days ago…

There is a combi everyday. -school professor

Even on Sunday? -me

Even on Sunday. Don’t worry. It’ll be here. -school professor

So, that’s the backstory to why I started hiking so early.

I even had guides on the way out of the quebrada!


I made it to the trailhead in Huillac at 12:30…giving me half an hour to hike down the road to the school (the combi departure spot).

This is the trailhead. I’m standing on the rocky road, at a hairpin turn, and there it is, in all its gray rocky glory.

I know, right.

Isn’t it obvious!?


Long story short. Or short story, long.

There is no combi. No combi on Sundays apparently. Well, maybe there is. But I never saw it. Not the entire time that I hiked down the dusty road, retracing the steps of my approach, all the way back to my starting place in Paltay. Some people told me that there would be a combi today, others laughed and said I had received the wrong information.

Regardless, all in all, (approach, hike, and descent), I enjoyed myself and my time in (and to and fro) Ishinca. I’m pretty sure my legs will be sore tomorrow…

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