Breakfast of Champignones (Day 3)

Yard sale morning. Clothes strewn about on bushes, hanging to dry. The epic down pour last night continued after we went to sleep, and therefore our clothes thought about what they did all night in a black plastic trash bag at the foot of our tent.

Breakfast overload and my favorite, Smash O Ramen for the win! Instant mashed potatoes, top ramen noodles, broccoli, carrots, cheese, and mushroom soup (sopa de champignones) mix. Truly, a breakfast of champions!


In post-breakfast coma we again stumbled, this time downhill, back to Huaraz. I slowed us down because I took pictures of every new wildflower that I saw. These little violet beauties are each the size of a penny.


Solid sesh in the mountains and a mellow Huaraz afternoon.

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