Lago Radian and the StUNSET(Day 1)

After a delirious grocery store shopping excursion last night at 9 o’clock, I hit the sack and decided to pack this morning. Good plan, seeing as our plan to meet was at 9am. Our plan?! Yes ! I’m going backpacking with a friend!

Jana (de Germany) and I had met a few times throughout the past week and when I told her my plan to head to the mountains on Monday, she hopped onboard.

I do enjoy backpacking solo, but to share the journey with a friend is way more fun!

We started hiking straight from Gary’s doorstep. We walked up through the little towns, campos, and ruins toward the trailhead to Lago Radian. Teal and violet church!

As seems to be the norm, the red dirt roads were more confusing than any mountain trail. As we kept gaining elevation, the view kept getting better. Eucalyptus groves and huts!

Got to admit it’s getting better, getting better all the time!

See that little oval of clay tile roofs in the middle of this photo? That’s Huaraz, way down there! Moving on up!


As we ascended the side of the mountain, just below Cerro San Cristobal, the trail went caput. Bummer. We zig zagged and cut our way up the hillside and after hopping two barbed wire fences, there she was, Lago Radian.

Lago Radian: A tiny little lake (I’m not posting a photo, so use your imagination!) perched atop a large plateau at the base of the Cordillera Blanca. Ah! Mountains!

Once we decided upon our camping spot, the afternoon rain sprinkle began so we hopped into the tent.

Maybe an hour later, I looked outside (as the tent door was facing east) and saw that glow. You know, that sunset-is-just-around-the-corner glow.

Jana, I think we should get out of the tent. -me

Why? -jana

I’m pretty sure the view is about to be epic. Let’s do it. -me

(Jana pokes her head out of the tent)

Ohhhhh Myyyyyy Godddddd! Ahhhhhhhh! Get out of the tent! You have to see this! -jana

To the north, Huascaran had shed its clouds and stood proudly, for all to see. Although Huascaran is in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca and Fitzroy is in Argentina’s Patagonia, the two share similar cloudy characteristics.


And to the west, the Cordillera Negra became the stage for the clouds. They danced, they twirled, and they lit up with excitement as the sun dipped low behind them. Stunning sunset. Cloud spectacle, bravo.


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