Boulders & Bailando!

Last night, Chuki invited me to come climbing with him and a group of guides from the Casa de Guias. Why not!? We met early, and after a bomba de manzana and some freshly squeezed lemonade, we walked across town to the river. We crossed to the other side and trekked up to Los Olivos, the local climbing crag. Sport climbing and bouldering and a beautiful view of the Cordillera Blanca.

Chuki led three sweet climbs and I climbed with a top rope. At the base of the wall there was gathering of local boys cheering on Chuki! Awesome.

On the last climb, with a cool heel hook, leg hook roof move, I spun my head around when I heard:


Gary and Lobo (the pup) were hanging out at the boulders by the river! Chuki and I mosied down to the boulders and he climbed while I flailed. You pretty much have to be a spider or a monkey to successfully climb the boulders here…

Chuki getting after it with a spot from Guido.


After a solid sesh at the river rocks, our stomachs plotted the rest of the afternoon. Searching for a “menu”, which is a multiple course lunch for a decent (or super cheap) price, led us to a restaurant not too far from the Plaza de Armas.

Is everything on this menu a different type of animal?? -natalie

Pretty much… -me

You want to see animals? Look at us! -guido

Here they are, two guides from the Casa de Guias school, Guido and David. Animals, for sure.

Lomo saltado, get in my belly!

Back at the Casa de Guias, I learned The Secret to Longevity:

Eat Half as much.
Walk twice as far.
Laugh three times as hard.

I’m half way on my way to longevity, for today, I ate way too much, walked pretty far (and danced until 4am…does that count?), and laughed until my stomach hurt.

Reggaeton, salsa, top 10, you name it, we danced to it. I’m pretty sure my legs will be sore tomorrow.

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