The Cave Sessions (Day 3)

Another beautiful morning and out the door. Climbing with Virginie and Martin and Luciano. Hard climbing!

Luciano decided to return to Huaraz and so we sent him on his way with a toothy grin!

After a few more climbs, Martin and I strapped our packs on our backs and made our way over to La Cueva. We rendezvoused with Chevy and his friend Salvador, the filmographer. Chevy was hanging from a fixed line at the top of the cave, bolting a new route.

After much discussion about the route line and specifically, where the route should begin, Martin bolted the final (first) bolt. Bolted and ready. Bolted and upside down. The fog rolled in and Chevy chalked up.

One move to the next, bolt after bolt, and huzzzzah! FIRST ASCENT!7B! 5.12b! zing!

After the climb, Chevy hopped to the other route on the (picture left side) of the cave and gave it a go. Down. Up the (picture right side) route again. Twice climbed. Ain’t no thang. Truly a strong climber. Way to go Chevy!

Martin and I each gave the new route a go. Burly! To say the least. I got a little past the second bolt with a lucky throw with my left hand to a tiny three finger pocket. To continue I needed to morph into a spider. Maybe one day…

We hiked back to the refugio in the dark. It took us 2 hours! We got lost for quite a while, and with four people and three headlamps, muddy grassy steep slopes…it was slow going.

A mellow quiet evening in the refugio on the couch in front of the fire, sipping hot tea and petting the resident kitty cats!

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