Stepping up to a Stellar View

I hiked up to the Laguna Vilcacocha today. Its across the way, in the Cordillera Negra. I snapped some epic photos of the Cordillera Blanca, which I will organize into panorama pictures (when I have the technology).

This post is a tribute to the girls. The dinos have been many places thus far, but today they were ready to get some sunshine.


Funny for the day: I witnessed sheep bouncing. Or jumping. But really, they were bouncing. Imagine all four legs leaving the ground at once. Absolutely hilarious. Even better, while this was blowing my mind, I happened to be sitting next to an old woman spinning her own wool.

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2 Responses to Stepping up to a Stellar View

  1. Shannon Brock says:

    Bee bop dinosaurs! beep bob boop beep beeboop bob……Translation: You’re the coolest dino I know Julie!

  2. Kleber says:

    Jumping sheep and the dinos looking over the Cordillera Blanca! What a trip Jules. Thanks for sharing. hugs from a far, warmth from near.

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