A Bouquet of Flowers


A whole lot! Everywhere! I spent the morning reading a book detailing the flora of the Cordillera Blanca.

I think I did pretty well flower spotting! (Click the name of the flower to see an image! Not my images — thank you internet!)

Werneria Dactylophylla

Werneria Nubigena

Paranephelius Uniflorus

Bidens Andicola

Castilleja Sp.

Passiflora Trifoliata

Lupinus Weberbauerii

Lupinus Sp.

Stipa Ichu

Cortaderia Nitida

Distichia Muscoides

Plantago Rigida

Lycopodium Crassum

Polylepsis Sp. (this is the highest occurring tree in the world; grows at altitudes of up to 14,800feet or more. There are four different species of this tree in Huascaran National Park).


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