Laguna 69

(This is a picture post. Up up and away!)

Up at 4:30am and into town. Sunrise. For it being 5am, sure a lot of people up and at it. Alas, tis the norm here.

Caught the bus at 5:45am. A couple hours north to Yungay. Then east from there towards LLanganuco. (Today’s gameplan: hike UP to Laguna 69…at 4600 meters, or over 15,000 feet!)

For breakfast, sweet crunchy corn, with salt. (For you, Ani.)

Driving into the Quebrada Demanda. Muddy road, hella potholes, and a 20 foot drop into the lake on our right side. Steeeeeeep, steep walls of the quebrada (super steep canyon) black with water streaks. We made it to the trailhead after honking at a few cows.

I made the terribly not so funny joke:

“Hola vaca (cow)! ¡Mooooooooo-ve outta the way!”

Well, I laughed anyway.

The trailhead begins at 3950m / 12960ft, and meanders alongside a river in a green grassy valley, chock full of cows and patties.


We ascended. We: me, Luciano (de Peru) and Ben (de Australia).
Lupine (lupina) everywhere! Spotted a conejo andino (Andean rabbit) who is in the same family as the marmot. Cool!

Munched lunch in the rain while oogling over a gorgeous cascading waterfall across the valley.

We ascended past ruins and as we wound our way up to the Laguna 69, the clouds broke. Chacraraju (6108 m / 20039 ft) towered overhead in all its glory.


So blue. So inviting.
Incredibly refreshing.

Pisco Norte and Pisco Sur also gazed down upon our arrival.


Huascaran (Tallest mountain in the Peruvian Andes: 6,768meters)! Hello!

Ciao Cow!

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3 Responses to Laguna 69

  1. Anita says:

    ❤ you're GREAT, Julie!

  2. Zak says:

    oh man, that blue water looks amazing. must have been cold though, yeah? get some more great photos – i wish i was there to take some myself.

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