Newsflash! PERU!

A few weeks back I was Peru-sing cheap flights on Kayak (dot) com’s “Explore” function. It just so happened that after clicking a few buttons and glancing at the calendar, I purchased a roundtrip ticket from LA to Lima for roughly six weeks.

That’s right folks. Tonight I’ll be hopping on an airplane, dreaming…while soaring south through the clouds, and by the time I wake up tomorrow morning, I’ll be in autumn, in Lima, in Peru.

As you may be scratching your head, wondering why I’m flying from LA…let me break it down for you. I’m on a bus to LA as I type this. The bus to LA from Sannazay costs $15 and the bus back, at the end of April, costs $6.75. That’s, in essence, bang for my buck.

We’re on highway 5 with another five hours to go! This bus is very air conditioned and there are electrical outlets for each passenger. The valley is green and the orchards are blossoming and the two girls sitting to my left have announced their LA clubbing plans for all to hear.
I’ll be couchsurfing with a friend of a friend in Lima and then bussing 8 hours-ish north to Huaraz. Goals: speaking hella spanish, backpacking hella in the Cordillera Blanca, and meeting plenty of folks.

Pack is light, with backpacking gear (tent, sleeping bag, pad, stove, pot, etc.) and some clothes: one pair of pants, one pair of shorts, trail runners, some socks and undies, my down jacket, a synthetic longsleeve puff jacket (the green one. this is it’s final hurrah), a long sleeve hiking shirt, two tank tops, a warm hat, my green baseball cap (the yellow hat was retired in september 2013), and rain gear. I’ll do a detailed pack break down later — but I’ve essentially packed for a weekend backpacking trip!

If you enjoyed following my journey through Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Bolivia in 2011, I encourage you to read along. I’ll update when I’m in town (when I find reliable internet) and even though I’ll be out in the mountains for chunks at a time, I’ll write this as a day-by-day read. I hope you laugh!

Big thanks to my parents for driving me to the bus station in San Jose as well as being moral support while I packed!

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One Response to Newsflash! PERU!

  1. Danny says:

    Go Julie Go!!

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