Paperclips and Pencils

After reading this article in the San Francisco Chronicle in the fall, I finally visited the San Jose Museum of Art today specifically to view Hidden Heroes: The Genius of Everyday Things, an international touring exhibition. If you didn’t make it to the gallery in person, virtually explore the exhibition on this interactive website created by the Vitra Design Museum in Germany. (This website is rad!)

Things we use everyday. Innovations that make our daily lives easier and less stressful. The epitome of either spontaneous or methodical creativity. The paper clip, the clothes hanger, the clothespin, the condom, the band-aid, the match stick, the rubber band, the cork screw. The shipping container, the tin can, the pacifier, the umbrella, the egg carton. All these things chronicled with the who, the where, the when, and the how.


My two favorite innovations: The Paperclip and The Pencil. Take ten minutes to watch this brief explanatory film of How a pencil is made.

I stand humbled by the little things.

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