“What I Stand For Is What I Stand On”

(above quotation – Wendell Berry)

“Hey there Jules!”

“Good morning D! Hey Emeric! Good work guys. The bench looks awesome! What’s the jam? Break it down for me.”

And they did. Two buckets. One of soaked clay. And the other of grass?

“Nope. It’s hay. Hay is for horses, straw is for houses. …But this is hay because it’s what we’ve got. And we’re building this bench with it. It’ll be great.” -Dan

DanDan (ecological educator) and Emeric (Berkeley High student and friend from Deer Crossing Camp) have been working on this Earthbench for a few months here in the garden at Berkeley Technology Academy. DanDan gave us a choice. We could either cob using the “hamburger” or “hotdog” method…reminiscent of paper folding in grammar school.

So cob we did. Check this: How to Cob.

The bench went from half-covered in cob with bottlebricks (plastic bottles stuffed with plastic trash) still showing to a covered solid bench…the internal structure of bottle bricks surrounded and covered with cob. A sand sprinkle for a final touch before lunch and time to let the sun shine brightly and warmly to dry this Earthbench. Still more work to be shared working on this bench. Let the process continue.


Bread, cheese, carrots and homemade iced tea were passed around the picnic table between working garden hands. We engaged in a conversation regarding the roots of language with Joy, the humble school garden director and local food activist and her garden helpers. Hands on and transforming waste into a community space.”

On this day, take time to remember Martin Luther King, Jr.

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