Rolled up to Mount Diablo State Park in the mid afternoon with Matt and Lauren. We geared up and meandered down the manzanita lined trail to the lower tier of the Boy Scout Rocks to meet some friends and climb for a few hours. Upon arrival, noted: Hella folks at the crag.

For climbers, the positive side of California being in a drought is that the climbing season has extended. The Northern California climbing off-season (due to wet rock, cold temps, and snowy approaches) is normally from mid-November to the end of March. With this January having such uncanny weather, climbers are flocking outdoors on weekends. On real rock. The place to be.

“Rock Climbinggggggggg”

Belayed Matt up this burly Bolt Route, ballet-esque and balance-y.


(It doesn’t look like there are many obvious holds…they’re tiny, slippery, and far between.)Strong work Matt. The rest of us traded belays and flailed for a while.


When Matt was topping out, Alex Honnold passed by and nodded. It’s refreshing to see real people — passionate people that we all read about — outside, getting after it, and living. This led to a discussion between me, Matt, and Lauren about privacy, celebrities, social media, crowding and spaciousness. Resonating thoughts for the day:

“Spaciousness is closely associated with the sense of being free…freedom implies space.” (52, Space and Place)

“Primarily people crowd us; people rather than things are likely to restrict our freedom and deprive us of space.” (59, Space and Place)


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