“Pretty on the West Coast”

Delta of Venus is a staple stop on a crisp Davis morning. Hot chai and a leisurely page through of Yi-Fu Tuan’s Space and Place, The Perspective of Experience. Big thanks to the Fish Bowl Casa ladies for letting me crash on my beloved couch for the second time this week.


After letting the morning unravel, I cruised back to the Bay, looking forward to a show at Bottom of the Hill. College homies Shannon and Alex are in a band. Groovy and funky and rockin’ and swayin’ and even shoulder bumpin’… the tunes created and performed by Be Calm Honcho beckon two thumbs up, every time. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears ready, this quad has momentum and a hell of a stage presence.


Regardless of your music taste, you’re bound to have a rad time at a Be Calm Honcho show. They’re all about the best coast and they love California like you do.

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