Second Glance


Back to the de Young Museum today to view David Hockney: A Bigger Exhibition again, and scope the bling bling of The Art of Bulgari.

A print of Garrowby Hill, Hockney’s 1998 oil on canvas hung in my bathroom when I was a child. I love this painting — but Hockney’s new era of computer drawing isn’t really my thing. His Yosemite iPad drawings put me off — they dulled my interpretation of this intricate wilderness — probably because Yosemite has been a cherished place for me since I was a kid.

Yosemite high country is no facade — it is truly “the range of light”. The Valley is accessible…so why haven’t you visited? Autumn, winter, spring, and summer in Yosemite. Each season offers a brand new perspective.

Yos Thanksg 020
(Thanksgiving Twilight, North Dome and Half Dome, Nov 2010)

With some snow, the cross country ski (or snowshoe) jaunt out to Dewey Point on the South Rim will be a-callin!

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One Response to Second Glance

  1. Tedsen says:

    Yosemite has been on my bucket list for awhile now. The snow’s wonder is calling me. I didn’t spent much time in the stuff growing up, and what time I did spend revolved around a ski lodge. College introduced me to snow camping and snowshoeing. And now, I love that white stuff. Although I hate the cold, the snow brings a freshness to the landscape. It’s a purity that’s good for your soul. The redwoods are my sacred haven, but the peacefulness, the spirituality of a place, is something special; something, that when bastardized, is infuriating. And it’s infuriating because it degridates your emotional connection to that place. We have to gaurd what we love like a child who doesn’t know how to protect itself. If we don’t gaurd those sacred places then they won’t be around for the children of tomorrow.

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