Stir It Up

I’m not one for New Year resolutions.

Funny though, that the beginning of 2014, this start of the month of January, coincides with my writing of Amalgam, my 2013 in review. Funnier still, that I’m back at it, maintaining this blog, jmcpdotcom — which began way back as a compilation of travel writings (the first post ever) — and I just so happened to start back up on the first of January.

This “maintenance” is far from a resolution — it’s just something I’m doing. If I stumble or stop, you’ll know. And either way, I’ll carry on, my level of stoke remaining high.

This blog, these ramblings — they represent that project in the corner that is for fun, for kicks if you will, with no strings attached. This writing fuels other writing on which I’m currently working. That writing is of a whole different sort.


On Top, one of my favorite Gary Snyder poems from his bound compilation, Axe Handles acts as a perfect metaphor for New Year resolutions. For in one’s mind and soul is the past, present, and future. It’s all there.

On Top

All this new stuff goes on top
turn it over turn it over
wait and water down.
From the dark bottom
turn it inside out
let it spread through, sift down,
Watch it sprout.

A mind like compost.

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