Step Lively

Strolling along the Shoreline Trail in China Camp State Park provided me with a new view of the San Francisco Bay.  Essentially I was staring straight out into San Pablo Bay, and then south and to the west was the rest of the familiar part of the bay.

My parents, aunt Ginny and uncle Mark invited me to join them on a hike from China Camp Point to China Camp Campground.  After visiting the Bay Model this past fall, I am much more aware of the extensiveness of the San Francisco Bay. If you haven’t been, head to Sausalito and scope the Bay Model…it’s free! And while you’re there, remember to

keep Sausalito salty.

A coastal breeze coupled with sprawling oak woodlands and golden grassland made for an aesthetic hike. 


Does poked their noses through the cabernet colored madrone tree trunks and after brief glances, carried on grazing.   Fitting, as we’re hiking along the southern tip of wine country.


As we walked, I thought about The Duke of Definition, The Minister of Meaning, The Earl of Essence, The Count of Connotation, and the Undersecretary of Understanding. They are the king’s advisers in the childhood book, The Phantom Tollbooth. I recently read this book, as it has been thinking about what it did for years on my shelf. The king’s cabinet offers synonyms…for everything.

“Right this way.”
“Follow us.”
“Come along.”
“Step lively.”
“Here we go.”

I’ve been thinking about this one phrase in particular. Especially because I hike with others often. I like it.

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