Be The Noise

Residing in the Tahoe Basin, a new home. Here, wind whispers on white and red fir needles, sharp granite summits etch every sunset, all the while each breath crisp, like the first chilled sip of a Mammoth 395 brew.

Por que estoy aqui?

Perhaps to live in the snow…my feet are so sore from my daily dancing, “Come on snow gods! Hellloooooo!”

Perhaps to teach, all the while be funky and ridiculous and over the top wild (clearly, soul searching for my inner 5 year old).

Perhaps, to ski (who knew about this whole spring skiing deal in December and January!?).

Perhaps, to just Be Here Now.

Teaching little kiddos how to ski is more than entertaining, my teaching/skiing analogies encompass a world ranging from Rainbow Zebras who eagerly chirp, “Squish! Squish! Squish!” to the Green Awesome squad who must dump out the hot chocolate from their ski boots on slopes so as to make room for more hot chocolate at snack breaks. Goodness, life is grand.

(to be read aloud in a bellowing Italian accent)

“Creativity is looking at the same thing as everybody else, but seeing something different.”

While my beanie acts as my insulation brain bucket, I shall walk along the silent streets and be the noise.

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