Picnic Day

Picnic Day in Davis and Picnic Day in Mendoza. A global celebration.

Met up with Simon this morning after sleeping in a bit.  He is living in the Jesuit complex (which takes up a whole city block)…there`s the church, the living quarters, a school, office building, and a mellow courtyard with turtles roaming around.

We climbed up to the top of the bell tower and inhaled the beauty of Mendoza.  We`re in the splat middle of downtown and that`s hard to tell when standing inside the walls of the complex.  Big sky, lots of buildings, and the Cordillera in the background.  Aconcagua is behind that Cordillera.

Ah, buildering.  Cool to see the city from a not-so-seen-view.

A mellow afternoon, strolled through the two parks that are along the walk between Simon and Cesar`s places.  Parks are popular here.  And people enjoy them.  Good job city planners.

My homie, Mae, a fellow OA guide from Davis is studying abroad here in Mendoza for a few months, so of course we met up.

Our communication skills are rather lacking and after giving her the cross streets of where I am staying as well as a general time to meet, I headed out to stand on the street corner and wait, without a cellphone or any form of communication.  Mae showed up!  Epic middle of the street crosswalk hug, with a chorus of honking cars to boot.

“Dude, so you went out last night?” -Me

“Yea, I went out with my friend and we stayed out all night…til like 4 in the morning.” -Mae

“No way, we went out last night too.  And we stayed out until around 4 or so.” -Me

“Yea, we went to some bar with awesome music.  The music was so great.” -Mae

“Yea, us too!  The music was rad!  But there was no room to dance.  There were so many people where we were.” -Me

“Yea, did it happen to be called….hmm…Rumbo Perdido?” -Mae

“DUDE!  YES!  WHAT!  No way.  Same bar. Same place.  And I didn`t se you. Aw, epic fail.” -Me

“If we had run into eachother it would have been so cool.  We would have been so cool. Wow.” -Mae

Simon, Cesar, Mae, and I cooked a feast of pasta la vista and then began our Picnic Day celebrations with our theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqxBM_c3NCg

Simon had experienced Picnic Day in full swing when he was in Davis, but Cesar had no concept of the epic-ness that is Picnic Day.  Well, he kept up the pace and we danced all night long.  Almost until the sun rose.

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