Flip Flops

I`ve been working on my flip flop tan ever since I arrived here in the southern hemisphere in January.  However, a month in cold Patagonia and a month of trail runners has done anything but help the cause.  So, regardless of the slippery cobbled streets and miles to cover on a daily basis via city exploration, I`ve got my flops on, and that`s that.

My homegirl, Treesh, told me to indulge while I was down here.  So this morning, I took her advice and I did.  Crepes with dulce de leche (caramel), nuts, and chocolate sauce.

For the rest of the day I strolled around and got lost on purpose.  So as to discover a new route back to the hostel involving different streets, alleys, and staircases.

It was a nice stroll.  Street art to the max.

Doorways and sidewalk walls alike.

Black and white and rainbow.

After my walkabout, I met up with my friend Pablo for dinner and he took me to Viña Del Mar and we munched on sushi and chatted in Spanglish.  This guy has the biggest, best smile out there.

After dinner, we drove up to the top of a hill on the Valparaiso side of the bay and looked down on the light speckled city.  What a vista.

A wonderful evening.

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