After arriving in Valpo last night and sleeping Oh So Well in a warm bed, in a boheme room, in our hostel, La Bicyclette, I awoke to the a few rays of sun poking their way through the blinds.

Hadrien and I enjoyed a leisurely morning on the patio with tea and marmalade and bread and yogurt.

We then walked, and walked, and walked around the city some more!  Our stroll revealed the most abundantly glorified walls of street art in a city I have ever seen.


Rainbow streets…








We lunched on some huge boulders right next to the Pacific Ocean and fell into a trance watching the pelicans swoop low and glide just above the water.  When the sea lions started warring against eachother we were (insert Star Wars Chewbacca sound here) back into reality and walked some more. 

What a city.

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2 Responses to VALPO.ColorWonderFunk

  1. Erik Tedsen says:

    This reminds me of the pelican poem you read at lovers leap. You had just got’n back from yet another amazing journey, and recounted some if its splendor for us in our amazing moment. That moment has become a memory, but I’m glad to hear your keeping the pelican splendor alive! Your so alive, and living every moment with more intensity than the last. My heart sends you nothing but warm feelings for a better tomorrow. Color your world, and you’ll never know how far one brush stroke goes.

  2. alex oliver says:

    Jules this is the best blog post soo far! Fact!

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