Out of the Mountains, Back to the City

Up early to catch the “transfer” (mini-bus) as they call them here, to head to the airport.  On my walk across town, it was a quiet morning, the sun comes up around 8am, and the people don´t “come up” for a while after that.  Cool fence!

Rode to the airport with a guy I met at the hostel, Hadrien, a film maker from France who just spent the last month hitchhiking/backpacking/adventuring through Patagonia.  He´s got two more days in Chile, and then heads back to Paris!

On the plane to Santiago, Hadrien proposed the idea of immediately catching a bus to the coast to Valparaiso when we landed.  After saying “Hell Yeawe made it happen.  Off the airplane.  Bus one.  Bus two.  Sunset.  Bienvenidos Valparaiso!  Walked across town to a hostel recommended by a dude in Punta Arenas and dropped our bags.  Empanadas before bed in a funky cafe, conversation about the Beat Generation and San Francisco, and glad to be in a city.  Buenos Noches, Valparaiso!

That was cross country in a day!

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