Peace Out Patagonia

Woke up in Calafate, Argentina

Bussed from Calafate to Puerto Natales, Chile.

Lucked out and immediately caught another bus from Puerto Natales to Punta Arenas, Chile.

Walked across town to a place that Suzana and Francis had recommended.  Tiny, but super cozy and cheap hostel in Punta Arenas, La Independencia.  Hostel dude gave me the local scoop on delicious empanadas. 

Walked into and through a sketchy old person bar/club/smokey room thing and into the back room.  Faded burgundy chairs, wafting cigarrette smoke, CNN Chile, and sports trophies lining the walls. 

Bomb diggity meat empanadas, actually like beef stew empanadas, completely different than I have tasted before.  YUM.  Basically I was eating my mom´s stew, but in an empanada.  Made friends with the old lady making the empanadas and she sent me back to the hostel with a steaming package full of…MORE EMPANADAS for the hostel dude. 

GOAL:  Make best friends with the little old lady empanada chefs wherever I go. 

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