9 Days in Los Glaciares National Park: Day 9

Day 9: El Chalten to Calafate


And, One More Empanada!

Empanada-d, and got out of town, only after scribbling down a whole bunch of outdoor companies from this amalgamation of stickers!

Finished The Count of Monte Cristo on the bus.  It was excellent.  Am looking forward to reading The Three Musketeers when I can get my hands on it.

Finally composed this idea that has been forming in my head for a while:


“For Walt”

Sometimes my five o`clock shadow lingers longer,

The clouds that amalgamate to form my beard

Grow stronger,

Because yes, alas I am an exhibitionist at heart,

But you would never know, for all you see is the

Granite sheath hiding this old monger.

Time is on my side,

I decide

When I pose

And when I hide

However ever,

Voyeurs aside,

I am the clever engineer of this solid rock tide.

I prefer to see the stars at night with a smooth cheek,

And the sunset every night, for that I am weak,

If you`re lucky, turn off your headlamp to scope

My proud and prominent physique.

I`m with the times,

And while the glaciers below me are carving new lines,

I am here

Spitting my rhymes

Awaiting the day you will arrive at my base

To climb.

Love, Fitz.

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