9 Days in Los Glaciares National Park: Day 8

Day 8: Laguna Toro to Laguna Toro Glacier to Town

Windiest night yet, but my tent is a stronghold.  And, it`s yellow to boot!  Once I stepped outside my tent though, I was nearly knocked over.  This wind ain`t whispering, it`s just blowing a gale!

Time to go check out the glacier over yonder way.  Crazy thing about this picture:  when I took it, I was tempted to call this view good, hike back to my tent, and get the hell out of dodge.  The wind was blowing so fiercely during this shot that I was holding onto the rockwall on my right for dear life.

But, I kept going because my legs were up for a challenge and my curiosity had been sparked.

Hands down, coolest geology, rock funk, patterns day ever. Time to climb.  And boulder I did.  I love rocks.  I love bouldering.  I could go on forever about my love for being outside.  Wow.

Stood hella close to the tip of the glacier, braced the wind, and munched on the Best Present Ever.  Thank you, Jalen.  You made my morning!

Time to un-rock-scramble my way down the most beautiful, polished, patterned, colorful glacier rocks I have ever had the pleasure of scrambling up.

And time to head back into civilization.  I`ve got a plane to catch.

The results of epic-shoe-mud-death.  Squish.  Squish.

The results of backpacking for a month in Patagonia.  2 Spoonfuls, per lunch, per day.  Occasionally more, if I was feeling needy.

I`ll be back.

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