9 Days in Los Glaciares National Park: Day 7

Day 7: Town to Loma Pliegue Tumbado to Laguna Toro

Amelia and I headed up into the mountains on the clearest day yet, we could see the ENTIRE RANGE!  Finally, I was lucky enough to see Cerro Torre.

Amelia and I worked our way up.  We ascended 1500m quickly.  The perfect day.

We hiked through the forests of yellow, orange, and red.  The view just kept getting better.

This is Patagonia.  Way cool to look down and see where I camped a few nights ago with Max at the base of Lago Torre.  And the range stood proud, in all its glory.

Amelia headed back down and into town (she had decided to just day hike earlier because she was going to head North to Bariloche tomorrow).

I climbed up.


Still had hella miles to go to get to my camp destination.  Back down the ridge.  Pick up my pack (that I had stashed).  Up and over the ridge again.  Then down through the valley on the farside.  Time to book!

Down through the red, orange, and yellow forests and then back up and over the ridge.  Not five minutes after I hiked across a mud field (and of course my feet were soaked), I was laughing and explitive-ing and squish squish-ing, guess who I ran into?  Suzana and Francis, from Torres Del Paine!  They were heading back into town (they day-hiked Laguna Toro….that`s an IMPRESSIVE dayhike.)  Was wonderful to see them and we smiled and chatted for a quick minute and then continued on our respective ways.

After the field of mud death, the backside of the ridge wasn`t much better.  I endured shoe-mud-death twice more and then had a couple epic river crossings (one of which I had to de-shoe and foot freeze my way through).

But, it was all good.  I was singing at the top of my lungs and loving the dusk sky.  Arrived at camp just as the sun set.  Hot diggity, I love the mountains.

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