9 Days in Los Glaciares National Park: Day 6

Day 6: Fly Fishing at Lago Desierto

Fact number one.  I don`t fish.  But it is hella cool.  I now know how to fly fish and apparently, my casting isn`t bad.  However, I let the pros catch all the fish.

Shots from the day:

Crystal Clear Water.

Rigging up.

Fish number 3 for Amelia.  A little dude.

Antoine`s Dinner.

Beautiful Day.

Forest River.

“Wow!  This water is so clear!  ….Oh! That`s a cow in the water!” -Amelia

Don`t worry, we fished upstream from the cow.  But you can be sure that Amelia and I checked out the whole crime scene.  And yes, there was a crime scene.

Gone Fishin`.

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