9 Days in Los Glaciares National Park: Day 5

Day 5: Town to Waterfalls to Learning to Love Soccer

A mellow day and about it.  Walked north out of town to the waterfalls up the road.  The whole time, Amelia and I babbled about climbing and Yosemite and Colorado and fishing and walked horizontally through the wind.  A true challenge.

Funny that we were talking about Yosemite, because when we happened upon the falls, it sure felt like a timewarp to autumn in Yos.

Amelia had brought her fishing pole, and even though it was rather windy, we worked our way down the creek and found a cool spot to fish.  Well, she did well. She caught a green, yellow, orange, AND red leaf.  Not a bad afternoon!

I chilled with this guy and followed his lead and soaked up the sunshine.

Back in town, Max and Amelia taught me how to love soccer, specifically, why Barcelona rocks.  And Messi is amazing.  Soccer is now awesome.  I am learning the ways.

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