9 Days in Los Glaciares National Park: Day 4

Day 4: Campamento DÀgostini to town.

“Buenos Dìas!  I was kidnapped by my sleeping bag…” -Max

I didn`t see Max from 3pm yesterday (when we arrived at camp) until this morning.  Dude slept for a long time!

We headed back towards town because Max was trying to plan the next step of his travels (he`s been traveling for over a year now, from Alaska all the way down to Ushuaia and in between).  So we waved to cloudy Cerro Torre, who did not peek through the clouds even for a quick hello, and journeyed back towards El Chalten.

We passed two middle aged Argentinian dudes on the way out.  They had a quick conversation with Max about the trail and then after hearing that I was from California, they turned to walk away and wished us:

“Good looking!”

Max and I had started to walk away by this point.  We looked at each other,

“Did he just say what I think he said?  Good looking??” -Me

“I think he meant, `Good Luck.`” -Max

Ah, translation.

Back into town and everything was sideways.  We really are in the middle of nowhere.

Empanadas and a cold beer to start our afternoon.  Excellent.


Met Amelia in town.  She had an epic wet slog/trudge back into town yesterday after leaving camp Fraille.  Mike had waved to her and said,

“I`ll be right behind you!”

She was soaked to the bone and didn`t see Mike after that.  Around 8pm, the three of us held up our end of the bargain and walked across town to the local brewery.  Laughing and joking and story telling….and just after 8:30pm, Mike walked into the bar!  An epic night after that.  He had just arrived back in town two hours ago, a whole 24 hours after Amelia.  He had watched her walk away into the nasty rainstorm and decided to wait a little bit for the storm to clear up.  He ended up waiting all day, and all night, and because he had eaten all his food yesterday, he ate a packet of honey today for his lunch.

Great Success.

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