9 Days in Los Glaciares National Park: Day 3

Day 3: Campamento Poincenot to Glacier Piedras Blancas to Campamento DÀgostini

Long day, and a little bit rainy, but joking the whole way.  Mr. Fitz greeted us this morning with a big grin.

Top of the morning to you, Good Sir!

We hiked over to the base of the Piedras Blancas Glacier which we saw from afar yesterday on our long hike.  Bouldered our way to the base.  A serious rock scramble.

Apparently there`s no high balling in Patagonia…this boulder was covered in bolts. (For you, Ingmar).

Awww yea, another glacier.  It`s like they used to be all over the place or something.

We hiked south down the valley and through the vibrant Autumn bushes.  It was raining on us, but that was fine because we were walking towards sunshine and a massive rainbow.  However, dark, dark clouds loomed behind us in the valley from yesterday.  Bummer Mike, bummer Amelia.  Suerte!

We were walking through a natural Japanese Tea Garden.

There was no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but there was sunshine!

Arriving at Campamento DÀgostini at the base of Cerro Torre at Lago Torre meant a nap for Max and “break-apart” stove time for me.  An hour later, I indulged in a heaping pot of pasta-boulon-parmesean-merken yumminess.

Goodnight, my side of the mountain.

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