9 Days in Los Glaciares National Park: Day 2

Day 2: Campamento Poincenot to Lago de Los Tres, Campamento Poincenot to Piedra Del Fraille (and back!)

Up to Max`s deep toned, “Gooooood Morrrrning!” while it was still dark.  Headlamp on, and we started to hike up towards the base of Fitzroy to check out the view from Lago De Los Tres.  Super sketchy hiking (the trail was not a trail, it was a boulder scramble, a boulder scramble covered in ice).

No, not early morning fungi.  Early morning ice-crystals with little pebbles at the tips.  WAY COOL!

While we weren`t looking down at our meticulous foot placements, we were gawking at the valley behind us.

Good morning sunshine.  Good morning snow slog.  Good morning Fitzroy, thanks for shaving off your morning beard of clouds.  Don`t rush the five o`clock shadow today, I`d like to enjoy your pristine presence.

Looking down at Lago De Los Tres was cold and breezy, but Mr. Fritz smiled at us in his morning splendor.

On our way back down to camp we almost died.  The ice was melting and it was impossible to tell if your footing would hold.  We made it back.  Lunched.  My stove gave me problems. So after shaking and snaking it and breaking the whole thing apart to clean it, and it still not working, I ate cheese and smushed hot dog buns for lunch.

Max and I decided to indulge in an epic day hike: to Piedra del Fraille (So as to see Fitzy from the backside and check out Lago Electrico)…and back.  That`s a lot of kilometers.  Amelia and Mike were hiking there to camp for the night, but Max and I had different plans for the following day.  So we split.  Hiked on a rad trail through an epic Lord of the Rings forest.  The trail to get to our destination was very indirect and there was a lot of backtracking involved (the trail system was just constructed that way).  Two other hikers I had met joined us about half way to hike up the valley.

Plenty of conversation and forest funk.

Arrived at Piedra del Fraille and checked out Fitzroy from the backside, but nixed the idea of hiking to Lago Electrico because we still had to hike back and there was some nasty weather coming towards us from the back end of the valley.

Rocks are so sexy.  Fact.

On our way out of the valley and back towards Campamento Poincenot, we ran into Mike and Amelia.  They had taken the shortcut.  Bad, bad, bad idea.  They left an hour before us and arrived a half an hour after us.  Who`da thunk?  We bid them good luck (the storm rolling towards their camp looked miserable) and jokingly set a date for beers at the local brewery in town for two days from now.  Tuesday.  8:30pm.  Be there.

While running from the storm, we said adios to Eva and Evgeny at the section of the trail that is on the road (they hitched a ride back to town) and hiked through dusk and into the night sky.

Now, that`s what I call a full day of hiking.  Sun up to sun down.

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