The Three Stooges…

And no, this isn´t an April Fools Joke.

After eating a late meal last night and sharing a bottle of wine between the three of us, Max (Brussels) and Lucas (Buenos Aires) and I woke up early to catch a pre-sunrise bus to the famed and acclaimed Argentinian glacier, Perito Moreno.

Digging the orange and blue sun up moment.

Another dude from our hostel joined us and we walked all around the awesome bridge, raised walkway structures to explore the shoreline surrounding the glacier.  Cool idea, these walkways.

The glacier was cool.  Fact.  It is a glacier and it´s supermassive.  I definitely had a stronger connection with the Grey Glacier in Torres Del Paine, probably because coming over the top of a super windy pass to seeing a glacier go until forever in all directions below me was EPIC.

However, the fact that there are multiple glaciers, and that they all have wild funky color and crevasse patterns, is awesome.  Coupled with the entertainment provided by the three stooges: Lucas, Max, and other dude, a truly memorable day was had.

It all started with the walkway choices we made.  Of course we did the ¨hardest¨loop first, and then all of the others, in the hours we had to explore.  Because there were specific viewing sections, marked Miradors on the map, about every 30 yards along the walkways, the boys made a mandatory…or obligatory photo shoot…at each one.

Oh Wow!  Look at how different it is from this angle!  Oh!  Can you see it!  Look at that!

I was with a group of essentially teenage, highschool boys…who were in their late 20s to mid 30s.  Faaaantastic.  Every time we turned and kept walking, we would hear pieces of the glacier break off and crash into the water behind us.  For the first 2 hours we were there, we weren´t privy to the glacier´s entertaining ice walls….but according to all of the Oohs and Aahs we heard, we knew everyone else was getting a show.

On our walk around to the far side Max brought up how because of so many tourists, you find yourself saying “Hola” all the time…basically on repeat.  So, other dude (the third stooge) recorded himself saying “Hola” on his phone and then played the recording whenever we walked by people…or whenever people walked by us.  It was really funny.  Like, absurdly hilarious.  We decided to take a group picture using self timer and instead of saying “Cheese” we all said “Hola” in unison with a funny sort of intonation.

This lady and her friend walked into our picture…it wasn´t a really big deal, but because of the way we had all said “Hola!” with the “Oh heeeyyy” sort of intonation, the ladies got all frazzled and told us they would take our picture.  This was even funnier because the other lady had just jumped up and down for 3 minutes (I´m not joking) and did a little dance about how excited she was to be at the Perito Moreno Glacier.  Wow.

So, as I was handing the lady in the blue pants my camera, everyone was looking at me (away from the glacier) and I was looking at the glacier…and all I could do was

“¡Uhhhh Ehhhh Ahhhhh!”

my uninteligible word sounds and point frantically as I watched a chunk of ice the size of an apartment careen off of the side of the glacier and into the water.  Talk about loud.  Half way through the commotion everyone looked and caught the splash…but then the boys started making fun of me because of my innability to pronounce an understandable exclamation.  This was the first action we´d seen all day.

The rumbling waters of the aftermath.  The lady then proceeded to take a 4 picture photo shoot of us…insisting on different angles and poses.  (Who is this lady?  She must be crazy.)

Half way through the photo shoot we were all thoroughly amused.

About 20 minutes later, while we were walking away from another Mirador, again, the three stooges were facing one direction, and I was facing the glacier.  Tugging on Lucas´arm and Uhhhh Ahhhhhhhh Ehhh Ahhhh-ing once again, they caught the last glimpse of a massive vertical edge piece careening into the chilly water.

We laughed a lot and “Hola-d” our way out of the park.

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